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City with a very rich history founded in 1185 B.C., famous for being the oldest of the whole Veneto.
The biggest city in the region after Venice and Verona.
Padua has been the culture capital of the 14th century, that’s why many artists picked this city as their muse of their inspiration as with the famous painter Giotto


Piazza delle Erbe

A square rich of history from the 10th century and 11th century. At its stalls they trade fine leathers, fur coats and clothes. Even now it’s one of the biggest and most characteristic street markers in Italy.



A cocktail that is the symbol for antonomasia for all the italian cocktails, born in the 18th century, and become famous in the 70s for then be a smash hit, thanks to the Paduan version with aperol, today all around the world!


Cappella degli Scrovegni

Padua is a rich city due to its art and history! Among all the amazing things you can go visit there is the Cappella degli Scrovegni who was built for the will of Enrico Scrovegni in the 14th and painted by hand from the famous Giotto. Nominated in 2006 for becoming a UNESCO world heritage.



The Basilica of St. Anthony called by the guys from Padua “Il Santo” is one of the biggest church in the world, place of worship and center of many pilgrimages: there is more than 6.5 millions worshipers who visit this church every year. Many people think that this is the cathedral of the city even if in reality the cathedral is the Duomo of Padua.